b. 1986, HK.


Greetings earthlings; its an honor to tell you a little about myself as a creator. I have always loved writing, publishing my first poem in 2016. Writing can also be a tool of manifestation that I use daily. Ive used writing to create the reality I want in my life by manifesting, tracking my progress and daily activities. It can be a way to release emotions and sort through your thoughts. Writing is also a tool that helps me organize my life when it seems to be going in 100 different directions.

Ive always had a heart to give, so when I decided to create the NPO in November of 2016 it was exactly what I wanted to represent my passion for people. Focusing on certain issues, although there are multiple areas of society that need help. As you have probably read I have multiple aspects to the Npo, so i’ll try to touch on a few things about myself. I am 29 years old, born and raised in Houston Texas. In Feb of 2018 I lost my best friend to a senseless acts of violence that cost him his life; and the lives of both of his dogs. Throughout my life some of my closest friends have either suffered the same fate or been in and out of the system, starting from a minor. This should not be the fate of our young black men. As a community I believe it is our duty to correct those problems we have allowed to grow and affect such a high percentage of our black youth. Everyone goes numb to murder rates til it is someone you know. As a community we need SOLUTIONS, we need ACTION, and we need REDIRECTION. This is an issue I will continue to advocate for and I will challenge everyone I meet to do the same.

As shown on my IG I am a freelance model. I have been in front of the camera since about 2016. It started as promotional for the NPO, but as i continued i grew to appreciate the art and expression of modeling. The creative side of pictures is what always pulls me in, and i’ve been able to collaborate with some amazing people. The expression of photography, like all art, is perspective based which makes it all the more intriguing. I love to empower people through my words and pictures. So often as a woman I am told what I should and shouldn’t be how I should look, and what I should do. For me, my pictures are all about growth, love and freedom. Most of my followers may not know it but they have a front row seat on this journey of self love through the art of photography, and its an amazing concept in my eyes.